Lifting is challenging without the right equipment

When it comes to cranes in the industry, Womy is a leading provider with the expertise you need. We have the capacity to supply cranes for any project, from a simple one-off contract to a complex, long-term undertaking.

At Womy, we own a large and modern fleet of mobile cranes that are available for rent. However, we also offer the option of purchasing the right crane for your specific job. Our team of experts will work with you to identify the best crane for your project’s unique requirements and ensure that it is delivered and set up safely and efficiently.

Whether you need a crane for a small construction project or a large-scale development, Womy has the knowledge and experience to provide the right solution for you.


Special transport in the port of Cienfuegos

Womy faced a challenging task of unloading turbine parts from the ship at the port of Cienfuegos. However, they encountered multiple obstacles along the way. The ship’s cranes had a capacity of only 40 tons, while the heaviest component weighed 140 tons.

Heavy transport from Maximo

Womy undertook a formidable project to transport a 325-ton engine from the MAN plant in St Nazaire, France, to the Maximo Gomez electricity plant in Mariel, Cuba. Using a crane, the engine was loaded onto a vessel at the MAN plant.


We offer rental and sale options to our customers. For short-term projects, our rental options provide flexibility and competitive pricing. For those looking for a more permanent investment, our sales options include a range of quality equipment at affordable prices.