Unloading turbine parts at the port of Cienfuegos

Womy faced a challenging task of unloading turbine parts from the ship at the port of Cienfuegos. However, we encountered multiple obstacles along the way. The ship’s cranes had a capacity of only 40 tons, while the heaviest cargo weighed 140 tons. To overcome this limitation, Womy ingeniously utilized a 150-ton Multilug outrigger. By strategically positioning a 220-ton crane on one side of the turbine and a 160-ton crane, alongside the ship crane, on the other side, they efficiently redistributed the lifting weights. Consequently, the load on the ship crane was reduced to 36 tons, including the outrigger’s weight, and the 160-ton crane handled 41 tons, including the outrigger. To ensure smooth transportation, Womy employed specialized equipment, including a 9-axle Scheuerle intercombi and a 5-axle semi low loader, to safely transport the parts to their final location approximately 50 km away. With the innovative use of the 150-ton Multilug outrigger and meticulous planning, Womy successfully accomplished the challenging task.

Equipment used

Ship crane

Liebherr LTM 1220-5.1

Liebherr LTM 1160-5.2

9-AXLE Scheurle intercombi trailer

Volvo FH 16 8 x 4 580 HP

150-TON Multilug outrigger


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