Special transport in the port of Cienfuegos

Womy faced a challenging task of unloading turbine parts from the ship at the port of Cienfuegos. However, they encountered multiple obstacles along the way. The ship’s cranes had a capacity of only 40 tons, while the heaviest component weighed 140 tons.

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Challenging project lifting and transporting large tanks 

Womy successfully transported a large tank, measuring over 28 meters in length, 5.67 meters in width, and weighing 85 tons, from the port of Havana to Oxicuba’s Cotorro Havana plan.

Transporting and placing tanks for the Cerveceria Cubana

Womy was commissioned to supply materials for the new Cerveceria Cubana brewery in Mariel, Cuba, including the transportation and unloading of 30 tanks weighing over 30 tons…

Heavy transport from Maximo

Womy undertook a formidable project to transport a 325-ton engine from the MAN plant in St Nazaire, France, to the Maximo Gomez electricity plant in Mariel, Cuba. Using a crane, the engine was loaded onto a vessel at the MAN plant. 

Mining possibilities​

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Lifting is not always that easy

To transport and unload a 154-ton stator from a ship in Mariel and transport it to the power plant, we faced a challenging situation.


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