Lifting project MAN Maximo Gomez Powerplant

Womy undertook a formidable project to transport a 325-ton engine from the MAN plant in St Nazaire, France, to the Maximo Gomez electricity plant in Mariel, Cuba. Using a crane, the engine was loaded onto a vessel at the MAN plant. Upon arrival at the port of Mariel, the 2800 CC crawler crane with a 600-ton lifting capacity was employed to successfully unload the engine. With careful planning and a 42-meter main boom, the crane efficiently handled the massive weight. After unloading, the engine was securely mounted on an SPMT trailer for transportation to the Maximo Gomez power plant, located 3 kilometers away. At the power plant, the crawler crane was disassembled, reassembled, and skillfully used to hoist the old engine onto the skidding track, slide it inside the power plant, and finally jack it up. Womy’s expertise and precise execution ensured the successful completion of this challenging project.

Equipment used

2800 CC Crawler Crane

SMPT Trailer


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