OxiCuba Cottoro

Womy successfully transported a large tank, measuring over 28 meters in length, 5.67 meters in width, and weighing 85 tons, from the port of Havana to Oxicuba’s Cotorro Havana plant. Overcoming obstacles such as electricity cables and a viaduct, the tank was maneuvered into a vertical position by their CC 2800 crawler crane within a 36-meter radius. In a separate phase, Womy also transported a tank and production tower, weighing 65 tons and 37 tons respectively, nearly 140 kilometers to the Oxicuba plant in Bayamo. Overcoming height limitations, the structures were skillfully moved using a complex crane maneuver over a bridge. Finally, the tank and production tower were unloaded, temporarily stored, and later installed at the designated location. Womy’s expertise ensured the successful completion of both phases of the project. 

Equipment used

2800 CC Crawler Crane

Liebherr LTM 1220-5.1 & Liebherr LTM 1090-4.1

Volvo FH 16 8 x 4 580 HP

Scheuerle & Nooteboom Trailers


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